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From pumps and filters to heaters and pool covers, we supply, install and service a full range of quality pool supplies

All swimming pool supplies, and equipment requires servicing and or replacement from time to time. Swimmingly’s Service Technicians do it all: we use quality products and have a good relationship with all our suppliers so we can source almost any part or item needed for your pool equipment.


Supply and install a new pump or we may be able to repair your existing pump. We will always assess and give you the most cost-effective option.

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Did you know that your pool filter media should be changed every five years, when was yours last changed? We can supply & install a new filter or repair your existing filter, change sand or glass filter media.

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Gas pool heaters

Pool a bit chilly, like to use it more? We can supply and install a gas heater which is the fastest way to heat your pool. (must have natural gas supply in your street). Have an existing heater not working? We can get it looked at for you.

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Heat pumps

No natural gas supply in your street? An electric heat pump is the way to go. We can supply and install a Heat Pump for you so you may extend your swimming season. If your existing Heat Pump isn’t working, we can have it looked at for you.

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Salt chlorinators

Supply, repair or replace – convert your pool to salt, it will make looking after your pool easy.

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Pool lights

Supply, repair, replace or upgrade to LED.

Covers and reels

Did you know, a Solar Bubble Cover can add up to five degrees to your pool temperature in the summer by using the sun’s free solar energy and trapping it in your pool, it will also prevent temperature loss at night. We can supply a custom-made bubble cover or thermal blanket and reel for your pool. We also provide Spa Covers in Hard Lid or Super Foam. Contact Us for a quote.

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Pool plumbing

Swimmingly Pools’ prides itself on its’ high standards of plumbing. If you would like your pool plumbing repaired, replaced, upgraded or relocated contact us

Robotic pool cleaners

Having a social gathering or pool party and your normal pool valet isn’t scheduled for another week? You can easily pop your robotic cleaner in a few hours beforehand to clear up any leaves or debris that may have fallen to the pool floor, Contact Us

MX8 robotic pool cleaner-pool supplies-Swimmingly Pools

Automatic dosing systems

There are a large variety of automatic pool dosing systems on the market today, talk to us today about options that may suit your pool.

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