Green Pool Recovery

Let Swimmingly Rescue Your Green Pool

Over the years, Swimmingly has recovered hundreds of green pools and we're good at it.  Some green pools can be recovered easily whilst others can take longer, it usually depends on how long they have been green for and how much debris is in the pool. No matter how bad you think it is it won't be anything Swimmingly hasn't seen before.  In almost all cases the water can be brought back to crystal clear so don't leave your green pool any longer, contact us now.


Your pool water has been on this earth for millions of years and once algae and impurities are removed it'll be clear, fresh & healthy again.


Do not empty your pool

We at Swimmingly have seen pools that have been emptied because it was thought this was the only remedy to deal with a green pool, however, due to the ground water below the pool this can cause walls to collapse on fibreglass and inground liner pools and pool liner to float up. Concrete plaster pools and fibreglass pools can shift upwards, snapping suction and return lines and in some cases causing irreperable damage.  Yes, of course a pool can be emptied but it needs to be done by an experienced person.


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