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Who We Are

We are two guys (Shane & Graeme) who had our own successful businesses looking after clients' pools from valets to service & installations and boy were we busy.  We've been friends since we were fifteen and when either of us needed an extra hand in our businesses we could always rely on each other to get the job done.  We were talking one day over a hard earned beer on a late summer's day in 2009, about how many new potential clients we each had to turn away that week and thought how good it would be if we could clone ourselves and give more pool owners the benefit of our services. Out of that conversation the creation of Swimmingly Pools and its clones began in October 2010.  The clones weren't perfect, they looked nothing like us, were self thinking, had their own personalities, hobbies and families but they were able to take on board the very serious business of servicing and maintaining our clients' pools, adding their own innovative ways to enhance what we do.

All joking aside, we have over 30 years experience in the business of valets and green pool recovery, the supply, service & installation of equipment and more recently, specialising in Leak Detection with the latest acoustic equipment and supply of product in our Online Store.

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